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Managing healthcare benefits is challenging. The manual evaluation of membership, understanding medical utilization in relation to your program, preparation of HMO materials for your new employees, and managing the rising cost of benefits are just some of the demanding tasks your team needs to handle every year. All these activities take a lot of energy away from your other strategic initiatives.

There is a better way. ActiveLink provides the infrastructure to tackle the most challenging administrative tasks in managing corporate healthcare benefits. Our online portal gives your team the leverage needed to communicate what your employees need to know 24/7. This will also provide the HR Team with a different perspective on how healthcare benefits are to be managed. Whether you intend to enhance your employee experience, or planning to shift to another HMO provider, we have the tools to properly handle each unique situation.

  • Customer Service Website

    This is your employee's window to their healthcare benefits. Employees may review the HMO procedures at their own pace and time without being overwhelmed with too much information. Relevant forms are within their reach. Receive feedback from members on their availment experience and learn how to strategically solve situations. These are just few of the benefits your team can leverage from day one utilising our online infrastructure.

  • Wellness Programs

    Experience fun and informative wellness activities in partnership with different healthcare and consumer companies. ActiveLink extends existing wellness programs to your organization with less the stress and at no cost.

  • A Slice of Orange

    Refreshing your health for almost five years, A Slice of Orange is our banner newsletter on wellness. It's designed for the young readers to help clarify basic health information and offer juicy tips on uplifting your health. Download your copy now and join the discussion on our ASO Blog.

  • Manage Cost Over Time

    Healthcare benefits is one of the most expensive incentives provided to employees. There are many factors to consider in ensuring sustainable and stable implementation. ActiveLink provides better perspective in understanding these medical and non-medical cost factors and how to practically approach each unique corporate situation. For the past years, managing cost for our clients has been a huge success and this can be replicated in your company.

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